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Fine Art

My name is Nick Zabolotnyi, I created this site to showcase my expressions and imagination through painted symbolism and fine detail. Inspired by the work of Daniel Merriam, Blizzard's popular games, and nature and other artist interpretations of nature.

Two Sentinels at Sea

14"x11" Acrylic on canvas board. I'm thinking of shifting my style and technique towards surreal and obscure realism.

Global Solstace

Acrylic. 15"x17" 2012

Jolly Leapord

Acrylic. 2009

Surreal with Bird

Graphite. 18" x 24" 2011

Royal Fish
Acrylic Tiger
Self Portrait 2012

Ink and colored pencils

Rose Bird

A quick doodle I did back in 03' that I later added color.

Troublesome Goblins

Graphite. 18" x 24" 2010

Self Portrait 2009

Graphite and Charcoal. 18"x24" 2009

Dotted Bust

Charcoal. 18"x24" 2009

Trompe L'oeil Birds

One of my first solid artworks, back in 2009.

Long fin Fish.

Sometimes I paint really fast on ArtRage software.

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